30-60 Minutes.

Is there anything quite as peaceful as your lunch hour?

Do you really appreciate the calm, quiet interior of your car as much as you do after listening to incessant phones ringing, coworkers talking your ear off, and clacking keyboards? After listening to overly-loud phone conversations, chatter by the water cooler, and that woman who cackles when she laughs?

Sure, you might be slightly annoyed by other drivers, but isn't that secluded little spot in the park worth it? Or the Afternoon Grub Club, where you all park under your loosely assigned trees in the Lowe's parking lot, stay in your cars, and enjoy the mutual weirdness that you all share in the comfort of your own car, your own headspace, your own moment of peace?

No one's there to bother you as you listen to your favorite tunes, your favorite podcast, or the next chapter of the audio book you've been devouring. No one is there to interrupt your train of thought, inner dialogue, or serene meditation.

You don't feel the judgmental eyes of your coworkers as you eat that third Reese's cup; you don't hear anyone calling your name when everyone is on a line and the phone begins to ring again; you don't feel the impending "hey, do you have a second?" of someone asking you to do some menial task as a favor.

For those 30-60 minutes, you can close your eyes, take a deep breath, and feel your body relax.
For those 30-60 minutes, you can lower your shoulders, lean back your seat, and kick your shoes off.
For those 30-60 minutes, you can be something other than a file monkey, or a retail clerk, or a customer service rep.
For those 30-60 minutes, you can just be.


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